We produce Italian style and creativity for fashion around the world

Welcome to T.Line

We are specialized in the production of outerwear fabrics. For over 40 years we work in the Italian district of Prato, one of the most important textile areas in the world. Our production is characterized by 100% Made in Italy yarns. We develop a collection which is divided into three main categories and is also completed with a Spring-Summer collection.


Noble fibers such as Alpaca and Cashmere create the fabrics of this collection, suitable for a classic and refined style.


The Classic collection represents the traditional Prato manufacturing, characterized by the use of carded and combed yarns, suitable for men’s and women’s outerwear.


Imaginative, rich in designs and colours, designed to meet the current styles of an ever-changing fashion.


Fresh fabrics and bright colours create this collection, made of light products with a “clean” look.

Environmental sustainability and quality

At T.Line we respect the environment and offer our customers products of certified quality

Our strengths

  • Two collections per year (Autumn-Winter & Spring-Summer)
  • Product development on request
  • Possibility of producing small batches
  • Speed of delivery
  • Worldwide shipping